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Datha Whitfield

Datha was born a southern preachers kid and vowed to never marry a minister. 
After falling in love and marrying her high-school sweetheart, he followed the call to ministry in 2000. Thus began her lifelong journey of the unexpected! 
Jason & Datha have been married 34 years and spent 20 years as Senior Pastors of Summit Life Church in Bessemer, Alabama.
Datha is mom to 3 children, mother-in-law to two, and “Deetah” to three grandchildren. 
In 2014 she left her nursing career to follow her passion of entrepreneurship and reached the very top of her Health & Wellness Company in a record 13 months. Desiring to expand her Leadership she became a certified Life Coach in 2020 through LifeWorks Life Coaching Academy and recently expanded her portfolio by opening a retail boutique in her community. 
Datha has a passion for coaching woman to live their very best life by helping them discover the passions God placed within them.
Datha is an avid reader, loves to be outdoors, preferably at the beach. But her favorite thing is  slow mornings with coffee and her husband.

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Polly Bice

Polly was born and raised in Birmingham and has been married to the man of her dreams for twenty-seven years. She and her husband  have 12 children, a son-in-law and one daughter-in-law. Eight of their kids are home grown. They adopted a daughter from Ethiopia and a daughter and two sons from foster care. Polly’s children range in age from twenty-six down to 3 years old. She enjoys having a house full of her best friends and babies. Polly is the founder of Made To Matter, a ministry that strives to encourage women in their faith through resources, events, and the podcast that Polly host. Some of her favorite things to do include traveling (even with a dozen or so kids), reading, spending time doing adult things with her big kids, and her favorite hobby these days is going on dates with her super cute husband, Shawn. 
You can learn more about Polly at her website pollybice.com and you can find the Made To Matter podcast on all podcast platforms.

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Leah Ann McCollins

Leah Ann McCollins is a 47 year old mother of three. She is southern through and through.  Leah experienced significant trauma in her childhood years which resulted in 15 years of drug addiction. Leah has a deep experiential understanding of God’s love and mercy because of the depths of sin that she was brought from. She believes that her greatest purpose in life is to facilitate increased intimacy between God and man. This is the focus whenever she is given the opportunity to share her story. 

Leah completed her associates degree in physical therapy, her BA in criminal justice, and her MS in counseling. However, she describes her most significant accomplishment in life as her completion of  Teen Challenge in 2005.

Working under the umbrella of Dove Renew You, her private practice contains a coffee shop that serves healthy drinks and snacks and a gym. Her purpose in creating this space is to demonstrate that gains can and should be experienced spirit, soul, and body!

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Kathryn Jones

A native of Arkansas and home-schooling mom, Kathryn Jones, confirmed a calling to women’s ministry in high school, which lead to a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministries and Theology.  While in college Kathryn discovered a natural talent and passion for art and pursued an additional degree in Interior Architecture and Design leading to a 13+ year career in the field.  Although fulfilled in her work and actively using her God-given gifts, she continued to be drawn to serving women through various roles in her local church.  After launching an at-home business in 2015, Kathryn transitioned out of the fulltime workplace, which has opened doors for her to continue to pursue her first love of apologetics and theology.  As a wife to Kevin for 15 years and a mom to four, Kathryn’s desire is to encourage mothers in the trenches to recognize the ministry they have within their own walls … to help them know the truth and develop a Gospel-centered home.  When Kathryn isn’t wrangling boys at the ballpark or chasing a tiny dancer, you can find her with her a favorite book, camping throughout the natural state, or drinking coffee with her journal and sketchbook

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Alexis Northcutt

A diagnosis can change your world in the blink of an eye. For Alexis, this happened in the fifth
grade. It was then that she was diagnosed with scoliosis. While this life altering diagnosis was
not the end of the world, it was the end of “normal” daily activities. Alexis had to become
accustomed to pain during simple activities and having to adjust to her body looking different
than others. Due to the pain and negative body images that Alexis endured, she vowed that she
would not let another student go on the scoliosis journey uneducated or alone. Alexis founded
Bent not Broken in order to support and educate the youth of today.  
With a passion to help children that are battling scoliosis, Alexis has her sights set on becoming
a Physical Therapist. Alexis is currently a sophomore at The University of Alabama majoring in
Kinesiology with a focus in exercise science. Her goal is to one day open her own physical
therapy office. Alexis has high aspirations and the work ethic to make those dreams a reality.
She graduated from high school, in Hueytown, Alabama where she was raised, with a 4.5 grade
point average and is currently maintaining a 4.0 on her college work. This dedication can be
seen in all aspects of her life. Alexis pushes for all areas of her life to be in order, her academic
career, advocating for Scoliosis Warriors, and preparing for pageants.   
Pageantry has led Alexis to have an arena to bring light to the often-overlooked abnormality of
scoliosis. She is dedicating her reign to making sure that no one ever feels like they are not
enough because of their diagnosis.

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